Company Vision

For the team of Structural & Civil Engineers at BCE Design, it is a privilege to be trusted by our clients as part of their extended team, working together on projects that we can all take great pride in.

Our group strives to be challenged and to challenge others, ensuring that the projects we work on provide the greatest benefit, not only to our clients but to the greater community who use, live and experience our designs today, and throughout the life of the buildings.

BCE Design will always treat the goals of our clients as our priority. With a focus on innovation and a never-ending pursuit of improvement, we aspire to develop the new ideas needed for the emerging challenges each project will bring

Ensuring Design Excellence

We have earned a reputation of accomplishing design goals while maintaining project budgets and architectural design intent.

With 65+ years of combined engineering experience, Directors Joe Bruno, Daniel Herbert, and Mark Paterson have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal.

They have led projects in almost every sector of the industry, from large-scale commercial builds, to small residential dwellings.

We focus on placing the most qualified staff in key design roles, supporting them with any required technical resources. Every project at BCE Design is personally overseen by one of our directors and extensively peer reviewed.

Company Mission

Providing comprehensive design solutions that achieve a balance with architectural innovation and cost is the primary objective of BCE Design. 
Our engineering and design team continually invests in the latest techniques in analysis, design and construction and applies them to real-life problems.

Project Spotlight:
Antara 128

Director Mark Paterson worked on this exciting new restaurant project, from the Hotel Windsor Group. 

The stunning all-day venue was thoughtfully designed by Kerstin Thompson Architects.

Featuring exposed industrial elements, bronze glass partitions and steel framing; our role in the project involved careful consideration of all structural elements, allowing the desired architectural solution to be achieved.

Quality Services

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Merrifield City Stage 2, Mickleham
Easey Street, Collingwood
'The General', Northcote